Dextox Algae Mask:

From £30

This refreshing and detox facial is ideal to use on any skin type. Due to the occlusion the active ingredient penetrates deep into the skin leaving the skin fresh, bright tones and youthful.

Super Collagen Mask:

From £40

This facial has a deep and relaxing effect on muscle fibers, hydroxy acids improves skin elasticity and flexibility and creates higher moisture levels, thus protecting against the effects of aging, contains essential fatty acids for cell rejuvenation, also potent free radical product.

Rejuvenating Hot Cloth Cleanser:

From £40

A deep cleansing formula suitable for all skin types, enriched with invigorating eucalyptus oil, this uplifting, rejuvenating facial removes dirt, impurities and stubborn makeup. Leaves skin feeling balanced, cleansed, soothed and helps replenish skin moisture.

Customised Mini Facial:

From £30

Customised to meet the individual needs includes; exfoliation, deep cleanse, moisturisation, skin balancing and toning.

Micro Dermabrasion:

From £70

What is microdermabrasion? Facial microdermabrasion treatment uses a stream of non-allergenic crystals to remove your skin’s outermost layers of dead cells, targeting specific areas of problem skin including acne, aging skin and many more.

Angelic Facial:

From £30

Refreshing and revitalising natural fruit extracts with oats. All organic ingredients are used throughout our angelic facial range.

Luxury/Non Surgical Face lift:

From £45

Non abrasive pressure point therapy to release toxins and revive skins natural radiance with a deep relaxing effect on muscle fibres, rejuvenating and protects free radicals.

Seaweed Mineral Facial:

From £40

Helps to nourish and tone the skin, high in nutrients and minerals, will help the skin hold its moisture, thus helping to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Amla Fruity Facial:

From £45

Improves skin ton and complexion along with its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties Amra can have an astringent effect, great for minimising pours and firming up your skin.

Bentonite Clay Facial:

From £45

Bentonite clay is known to have an abundant of minerals which our skin needs, great for sensitive people, speeds up healing for eczema and other skin conditions, helps with healing skin cells, great for rejuvenation and anti-wrinkles.

Bee Pollen Mineral Facial:

From £50

Helps clear up acne conditions, great anti=aging ingredients for the skin, due to its very high orac value, it absorbs damaging free radicals, due to its high content of nuclei acids, the building block of RNA and DNA, prevents premature ageing of the cells, great for dry skin conditions, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Lemongrass Thai Facial:

From: £35

Pressure point therapy to rid the upper body of unwanted toxins, herbs are used in a compress ball to massage the face, neck and shoulders in a gentle way.