Meridian Therapy / EFT

Meridian Therapy:

1 Hour – From £45

What is Meridian Therapies?
Meridian Therapies are a new approach that suggest that every limiting thought, upsetting feeling and memory is associated with a disturbances of our body/mind energy system. With roots in clinical psychology, Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridian Based Therapies are similar to cognitive based therapies, the effects are non-invasive similar to acupuncture but use of meridian energy lines. This releases blocks and restores the free flow of life energy to heal our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls.

The theory underlying this innovative approach offers explanations drawn from quantum physics, information-processing models, and leading-edge biological research. The resulting therapeutic effects are remarkably quick and fundamentally thorough. The approach has proved itself through wide scale clinical results in North America, Europe and Australia. Dr. Roger Callahan (Thought Field Therapy) and Gary Craig developed a treatment approach called Emotional Freedom Technique. They believe that the cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the bodies energy system. All emotional distress is ultimately caused, held in place, and re-triggered because of a disturbance in the subtle energy system. From this follows the possibility that distress can be resolved by restoring balance and harmony to the system.

How does it work ?
The disruption in the energy system will be calmed and relieved by simply tapping on the 9 basic meridian points and at the same time there will be appropriate affirmations the client will say during the treatment. The gentleness, speed, and power of these procedures leave clients observably relieved and no longer stuck in their previously distressing, involuntary, out-of-order reaction patterns. There is no need to re-live the traumas of the past in order to transform the patterns they have created in our lives. Profound insights can follow, and emotional, mental and behavioral complexes can successfully changed. Meridian Therapy helps to stimulate self-healing potential and encourages life energy and interest to revive. The results are usually permanent for the aspect treated. Who will benefit from receiving Meridian Therapy? Meridian Therapies are highly effective with a broad range of problems such as; Learning Problems, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Phobias, Depression, Grief, Pain- Management, Addictive Cravings, Stress and some Physical Ailments.